Tejvir wonders...

All non MBA/ To-be-MBA's might not appreciate the great finance-marketing divide. For all other spirited managers:

"Ye Fin waale log rote rehte hain. Market up to problem. Market down to problem. Apna kya hai...saabun hi to bechna hai. Log nahaana chodne se to rahe..." - Tejvir Singh (IIML Batch 2008)


  1. Sounds like aunty-talk ..

    Kya IIT-shaiti karte hai log. Kirana dukan kholo. Log khana khana to chhodne se rahe...

    That's an actual statement btw!

  2. Btw...NEVER miss out on that extra "h" in "chhodne". Leads to a lot of problems!!!

  3. ..and here I was losing faith in marketing as a career... :)



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