Happy New Year

There is a certain sense of regret with which we general junta announce our new year plans.

"So what are you doing for new years ?"

"I amm....ya ...will be amm...staying at home....you know parents and all.... and aaj kal who goes to parties...like...no yes...i'll be ...amm..at home."

People blab long enough so that they have justified their lame-ness of not doing some dhik-chick-dhik-chick dance with some chick on 31st december.

India ki junta !! New Years at home is not lame at all. You don't need to party to be prepared for the next batch of rugged 365 days.

Junta at colleges of course get away with their answer, because it is assumed that he who decideth to spendeth new years at college, will haveth a good time. (not a shakespearean quote).

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and step into the new year with a smile.
Happy New Year.

(p.s : surprised at my own new found optimism)


  1. it almost seems like your justification for having new years at home :P


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