Suhaib Funda

This is Suhaib Iyaz.

He shared this interesting funda with me yesterday.


I find mobile phone games to be wasteful. It is in fact the worst way to spend time. Because games are played so that they uplift your mood, or leave you in a better state. You win. You are happy. With mobile phones, you'll never ever reach that state. Every game (especially the SNAKE variety) leaves you with a disappointing Game Over feeling. You lose. Every time. There is no end. You keep playing and playing till you lose.

On some fruitful day, even if you manage to score well and get a amazing 13,600 as your "high score", it is no reason to be elated. Because every game after that is going to be even more unsatisfying. You just raised the standards for your loss. You'll lose even more frequently. Every game will end with a thought that haunts you - "You might have reached up to 12,000, but it definitely wasn't as good as that game."

You lose to yourself. Everytime.




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