Summer Placements 2006

Scenario :
300 well dressed, apprehensive, confused, bitchy first year MBA students with hollow conviction and no focus. Welcome to IIML Summer Placement 2006

(p.s : I am not supposed to bitch about this. But whatever... My batchmates out here give me no incentive to be happy or optimistic about life.)

Group Discussion :

Rule1 : There is no strategy.

Rule2 : Whatever you do, it's not going to work.

Rule3 : You think you have spoken sense. You haven't.

Rule4 : You think aggression is bad. You are wrong.

Rule5 : What you think you did, what you thought was right, was meant for some other place. not here. No, no way.

Rule6 : Girls have an undue advantage. And I am not talking about that. It's the high pitch annoying vocals which they can turn on when required and ruin everyone's theatrical voice and commanding voice strategy. Face it, would you rather speak or save your eardrums ?

Rule7 : You have screwed up.

Rule8 : If you got selected, its probably the other guy's major screw up.

This is day1. Things can only get worse...



    you went MIA For 2 months, and your entry HAS to be about girls having high pitched annoying vocals.

    how about considering updating on a more frequent basis?

  2. any luck so far?

  3. Its THAT time of the year then... Good luck!

  4. Aw...given up on your life then??? So you would be one of those guys Id see at railway stations and bus stops begging for a few pennies?

  5. Yes!!!.. Indeed!!!

    hey why .. why you have to use word verification .. let them sell their P**** Enlargement Pills???

  6. This made me want to add 2 more reasons why girls tend to have an advantage in a GD for no fault of theirs ofcourse :D
    i) the girls are generally the minority in a GD, so there exists a sympathy factor. ( The last GD I attanded had 15 guys and me!)

    ii)There is inevitably atleast one psuedo-chivalrous dude who periodically yells 'let the lady speak!!' if anyone even thinks of interrupting her.


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