I haven't had a sunday in over a month. Technically, there have been 4 sundays. Truthfully, today was pretty close to the sunday I am talking about - leisure and all that. But my mind is consistently facing a occasional Tuesday...rare Fridays...and of course, no Saturdays.

I love the pressure, grappling new subjects, globing away :D

I am putting up with a few of the MBA morons here, enjoying the new company otherwise,eating good food and keeping myself busy.

I hate the way I am still uncomfortable about walking about with my I-Pod. It's been over 6 months! I need a wireless lifestyle !

I miss quite a few things in this new routine. I haven't fallen in love (crush, infatuation, call-it-what-you-want) in a while. And considering the pretty females around, that's quite a sad situtation. I think that's the biggest trade off in this whole deal. I am having serious fun, but no fun fun. My vocabulary has gone for a six, and I blame that on that thing...that stuff know...

It's been at least a fortnight since I did a chai-thing - conversations over tea that the exact opposite of small talk - talking my heart out.
I milked many opportunities to dazzle people in the initial days at L. I feel a great absence of that too.

Give me a break !!!


  1. Arindam MukherjeeMon Jul 24, 06:23:00 AM

    I guess the pursuit of something desired is sweeter than the actual acheivement of it.

  2. This is what was expected from the management : These fu***** ruined one more good writer : Abe you disappointed me !!! not up to expectations.... :(

  3. Well Deepak Verma is right!!

    Hard life man in IIML.KGP life rocks though KGP doesnt! I am sure you would agree.

  4. Koi nahi be... Lage reh! And teach them a thing or two about Iyer'ism' :)


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