Krishna, Radha and all that....

*Intellectual conversation at 2:30 a.m on the IIT LAN(censored & abridged) *

DC++ peculiarities :
* Conversation is not linear. Multiple strings follow simultaneously.
* It takes very little provocation to garnish lines with expletives (hence it took a lot of clean up to make this presentable).
* '11' is a geeky form of the cool smiley :) It's weird. bear with it.

BUHAAA : SFI is everywhr whr thr is an IIT...... :)
mask : 11
mask : SFI is thr even in US
BUHAAA : nope yaar its serious.........u kno SFI = sexually frustrated IITians??
camou : Who said iitians are se.xually frustrated
mask : then u r a bandi , right?
BUHAAA : well u kno better of urself )
camou : u are se.xually frustrated doesnt mean others are also se.xually frustrated
camou : all of my wingmates have done it
camou : in fact i am the only guy who didnt do it yet
camou : but still i am not frustrated
BUHAAA : camouflaged still fighting hard to hide his frustration :)
Aloo : :-))

(Enter star player, KUMAR)

Kumar : ne gal around???????
mask : camou must be from ISKON, they are always frustraed
camou : sala iskon ki *** **....
camou : buhaaa is iskonite
5Dim : ISCKON suxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kumar : R u Mad?
camou : my dear frnds
camou : u need not sleep with gals every night

( some brief sexually brisk exchanges...)

Kumar : ISKCON is great
Kumar : ISKCON is really great
'Aloo' : abe tu bahut bada ******* hai @kumar :-))
camou : 11
Kumar : Dont speak rubbish ignorantly
pappu : kya baat hai KUMAR ...jeevan ka tatva bataa diya..
'Aloo' : bhai kumar load mat ley yaar
camou : buhaaa shayad tu (some uneditable stuff)....
BUHAAA : camou u r really one true SFI
camou : kumar is ******* iskonite
BUHAAA : only they can speak like that :))
Kumar : U people dont know what ISKCON is doing
BUHAAA : iskon hall??
BUHAAA : which 1 is that?
pappu : jo log aaj IIT ki bandi log ko nahi 'taade' hain ...sirf wohi log SFI ke concept ke against bol sakte hain...

(Here comes the philosophy...)
Kumar : Even foreigners are following ISKCON knowing the right thing.But we.....
LORD : hehehe SFI... who coined SFI
admin : cool hai
admin : :))))
BUHAAA : n i'm th proponent :)
pappu : Foreginers are morons. They like to DOPE @ISCKON temple and think they are achieving nirvaana
camou : they do and i am sure u have read the infamous stories of your beloved maharajs
pappu : even curt cobain used to dope. hence proved.
pappu : saala....Krishna bhagwaan ke paas radha and 100 other hot babes...aur hamaare paas kuch nahi...
BUHAAA : 11 @pappu
pappu : this is bullshit...krishan ko DHAAPO ..uski pooja mat karo
Kumar : ISKCON is enlightening people about real aim of life.
pappu : and pray, what is the REAL aim , KUMAR ?
camou : the so-called iskonite monks are always accused of se.xually harassing and molesting the young guys who intend to join iskon
camou : they are all paedophiles
Rambo : ISCON shd supply radha & hot Gopiyaan to KGP
camou : yes
'Aloo' : :-))
pappu : yes...a bit SAFFRON bikinis should bring in some crowd...kya kehte ho KUMAR ji ?
camou : mr kumar u think abt what ur beloved krishna did
camou : krishna and radha and rest of the gopiyas set a glaring example of how we should spend our lives
camou : i wish i was born in that time
pappu : what crap...just imagine if you were BALRAAM or some guy next door to Krishna
pappu : he would go out with all bandis....aur tum BLUE kapde pehen ke HULLL chalaate..
Kumar : Its love that was between Radha and Krishna.not anything materialistic
pappu : LOVE maane ?
camou : wow really???
camou : love means se.x
'Aloo' : krishan kare to rasleela.....hum karein to character dhella...:-)
Kumar : Radha is form of Krishna's happiness.
pappu : all your thoughts currently are and will stem from S.EX. unless you ..
pappu : just screw Raadha once...phir sab sahi ho jaaega.

(Entry - the morons, stage left...)

LORD : who is radha
pappu : abe...ek SNite hai
LORD : year??
camou : yeh sala lord to accha ******* hain
pappu : arre...she was born in 2500 BC...thodi boodhi hai..
tkb : fachi hai kya ?
tkb : abe ye radha fachi hai kya ?
pappu : yes. she is searching for true happiness....lekin uske choice ka koi 'elective' nahi hai
tkb : dept ?
pappu : Dept of IS-KON-KON-Dept-dhoondoge-nahi-milegi
tkb : sahi re pappu
3333 : aabe pappu chup kar saale
tkb : yo pappu
camou : abe chhod de pappu... kumar bhag gaya.

** Please note I am not Kumar.


  1. but you are pappu na...

  2. were u involved in this ? y do i have a gut feeling tht a moron like u must be involved in this :P

  3. huh!!a good to thng to censor them..otherways only GOD can help that conversation :P..well I suppose a bit more interdiction on the issue of ISKCON will not hurt the ISKCONites..happy to be publicized :D


  4. haa haa haa haaa haaa haaa


    OOnce again you help me feel Nostalgic!!
    Thanks Again!!!

  5. H ah ah haha ha....... DC++ chats can be really hillarious sometimes !! ... Someone should take the initiative to compile, philosophy, comedy, tragedy, desperation, happiness.. you have all elements in there. Thanks a lot for compiling this text. We really missed the fun that day !!

  6. abe sahi main kgp ke din yaad dila diye, agar frustness had se jyada ho rahi ho to dc++ chalu kar ke uske samne baith jao, aisa mast time pass hota tha yaar sahi main

    beech main ek do iss type ke bhi hote the
    "desperate housewives ka naya episode aaya kya?" ;-)

  7. write it clearly there .. that you're pappu
    that would add an extra element of humor


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