April 28

The final semester was not meant to be so hectic. I thought days would gently transit from one to another.

I thought I'd be able to soak in the spirit of youth in January - jive in Spring Fest, Carpe-diem.

I wanted to enjoy the dying winter of February ;

I would have loved to breathe in the caressing breeze of March - when kgp is at it's best. hall days, music, theatre...

I wanted to make whimsical trips to Harrys/Cheddis - enjoy the company of those who tinkled my brain.

I couldn't do any of the stuff above. Or enjoy them when they were happening.

My mind has forgotten how to relax. I am permanently in the 'interview' mode. Do well. Speak well. Write well.

My hall presented me a Best-Soccult award - I didn't feel happy. And it wasn't indifference either. The alarming fact was my brain said, "It's ok. Nothing great. Maybe there is something better you can aim for."

Music is thankfully still free from all this. I listen to what I want to. And I am loving it:)

Movies have become items to be intelligently appraised. I've seen over eight movies in the last few days. And I enjoyed only one. And I suspect it was the music of 'Walk the Line' that did it. Not the cinematic experience.

Novel reading has reduced to a trickle. I read news. economy. george bush. and stuff I don't understand. I read blogs too. But again, I don't enjoy them. I think I am evaluating them. Have they written it well ? language..composition...

CAT has killed four whole months of my life. I know where I am headed. Life's set. Life's good...Then why the hell am I perked up ? Wonder when I'll relax again. Because IIM's surely not going to help.....

kya karen ka kya na karen ye kaisi mushkil bhai...


  1. same here ...will try to Reclaim Life ..sooner...

    One more thing before i finish ..it is really annoyying to type word verification ..specially jub woh dikh bhee nahin raha ho..."rcfjjbtwv"

  2. i beg to differ thou, the amt of masti dat i've done lately (including during the interview period) is probably wat a normal sane person wouldnt have cared for when the interviews were on, but the process was so painfully long i just couldnt handle it.

    my word verification code "njziqma" shit it also had a x dat i forgot to put
    the new one is "edimodz"


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