A Requiem for Moochie

You were great while you lasted
Always looking so falsely plastered
You slowly grew from thin to thick
But not really bushy as I had imagined
Some said UGH! and some said AAH!
And I said to hell with you all

I never knew what to do with you
Did I want to be an Uncle or a coo-chee-poo
Why was it so obnoxious to have a moochie
Was the man symbol not even a bit sexy ?

As you lie there in the sink
It really makes me think
Will I regret this step
Am I enjoying this new chikna look
Questions of this kind
Will only be answered with time
Some will say UGH! and some AAH!
And I'll say to hell with you all


  1. let me quote:
    "The more things change, the more they remain the same".
    You are the same iyer i knew with or W/O mucchi . .so it does not matters .its all in your and other's mind

    By the way, why did u cut the mucchi ?!!! .


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