Best of Seinfeld 2

Jerry and George sit in a booth, discussing the previous night. George fingers his chin thoughtfully.

GEORGE: The same outfit?

JERRY: The exact same outfit.

GEORGE: How many days was it between encounters.

JERRY: Three.

GEORGE: Three days. Well, maybe you caught her on the cusp of a new wash cycle. You know, she did laundry the day after she met you, everything got clean and she started all over again.

JERRY: Possibly, but then shouldn't the outfit only reappear again at the end of the cycle?

GEORGE: Maybe she moved it up in the rotation.

JERRY: Why? It's our first date, she's already in reruns?

GEORGE: Very curious.

JERRY: Indeed.

GEORGE: You know, Einstein wore the exact same outfit every day.

JERRY: Well, if she splits the atom, I'll let it slide.

(Setting: Monks Cafe. George and Jerry are sitting across from each other)

GEORGE: Let me ask you something. When you go into a store, does it bother you that they make the security guard just stand there all day?


GEORGE: See, didn't bother Susan either. That's why I'm different. I can sense the slightest human suffering.

JERRY: Are you sensing anything right now?


  1. LMAO!!!!!
    I simply dig this show... Hey, I think you should include something about Mr Kramer too!

    *canned laughter*


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