Please go through this first (thank you Sandeep) : PM at NYL convention
We all know what AIDS is. We, the smooth middle or upper-middle or middle-upper or upper-class of society, blessed with telephones, broadbands and access to the world's information know how deadly it is. We, the public/private/sainik/government school bred population, know that a condom can arrest the spread of the disease...So ?
How does the message penetrate to the groups that need it badly ? How will the sex workers (the profession unfortunately is illegal in our country) learn the basics ? This certainly isn't the medium. There is no bleak possibility of a truck driver, the major customer of this trade (and hence the disease), reading this post. So what can we do ?
I felt exactly the same way after watching Matrubhoomi. It was a commendable effort by the team. But I AM not the perpetrator of these acts. So how did it help the cause, the fact that I (and many other IIT brains) got disturbed after watching the film ? Logically, it seems the vision was to mobilize public sentiments so that it effects stricter laws against infanticide. Well, that certainly hasn't happened. So what can we do ?
A dozen India problems are popping in my head now (all common jargon now) - corruption, poverty, Deve Gowda, population, labour laws.... But if it is of any consequence, I agree with the PM. Let's get our youth out of this AIDS mess first.
So what can I do ?


  1. lets give a pertinent comment...

    gr8 job man... u sud be the economic advisor of UPA govt and sud advise them about efficient alocation of resources for mass awareness....

    just kidding... as always nice observation.

  2. :)....Nice new graphics..:)..There is YOU there..:)

  3. dats usually as far as we go
    wat do we do?
    the thing is that we dont really want to do anything... coz we are happy wid watever fucked up life we r living in, everyone thinks (including me) that the problem is too big and we cannot do anything abt it.
    options are many but are we ready for it? coz social work comes more often than not at the cost of ur material comforts + the parental/peer pressure of earning more and more is the biggest deterrent.

  4. what can u do !!!

    hmm..lemme think..get ur religion changed..andget ur d***head peeled off..become a rabbi !!

    atleast one female wud be safe then..;)


  5. well information dissemination has got other mediums than internet and used to work before these things came. a good street play or a poster in local language can play wonders.Moreover sex wrkers in india have learned all these things pretty fast corresponding to their education level.Being a upper class /midle class kid you only worry about your ONE NIGHT STABD OFFS.

  6. about matrubhoomi thing.Infanticide laws are there and they can never help.For your information though the background is rural in matrubhoomi but worst sex ration in delhi and punjab.So you being agitated over film does help.Secondly see around yourself in IIT there lots of your friends with 2 brother family but very few with 2 sisters.Take a sample exercise which i have done mentally take 10 or 15 of your friends randomly and try to calculate sex ration among their sisters and brothers and you would get what i want to say.


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