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1. flip open a dictionary and point to a word / get word of the day from
2. type the word into google images.
3. pick an image that strikes you.
4. write a 10 line riff off the image.
5. use the word or the meaning at least once within the first 5 lines.
6. tag 3 other bloggers on your list.

solidus \SAH-luh-dus\ Audio icon • noun
1 : an ancient Roman gold coin introduced by Constantine and used to the fall of the Byzantine Empire
*2 : a mark / used typically to denote "or" (as in and/or), "and or" (as in straggler/deserter), or "per" (as in feet/second)

The question haunts me repeatedly
Do I belong here or there ?
A solidus to my two selves
fabricates this impervious wall

I can't run back to my family
I can't forego this silly royal crown
A cartload of solidus
Won't relieve this anguish of mine

Where did I come from ? Where do I go ?
Where do you come from Cotton Eye Joe ?

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  1. "where you come from cotton eye joe?" ???

    what was that was headed quite well u know....untill u suddenly turned redneck

  2. @ sandy saale angrez ki aulad, yeh gaana to maine bhi suna hai tune nahi suna kya?
    iyer i'm honoured!!!
    abhi thoda life mein load chal raha hai, the next blog i post will be this

  3. irrelevant

    and ur word verification sux


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