Seven Nuggets

Oh god. another stupid introspection.

7 things to do before I die

1) Bungee Jump
2) Meet the Seinfeld Cast (provided they are alive then)
3) Earn lots of money
4) Learn how to buy happiness
5) Understand modern art and all that shit
6) Open a restaurant(s)
7) Savour all kinds of music of the world

7 things I can do

1) Drown myself in good music
2) Swim Decently
3) Savour a cup of tea
4) Remember numbers,lyrics,tunes,people well
5) Tune my sense of humour to many forms
6) Listen.Talk.Both
7) Go crazy/dance/sing/laugh like no one's watching

7 things I say the most

1) Accha ? Serious ?
2) Yaaaaa...But..
3) Hahahahahahaha
4) Crap
5) Moron
6) What the hell!
7) Okkkke

7 things I can't do

1) Hide my happiness or any other emotion
2) Feel anger for a prolonged period
3) Not be cynical
4) Ignore off-beat or off-tune performances
5) Take a hint
6) Be generous to stingy individuals
7) Play cricket or any other sport well

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1) Looks (the whole bloody anatomy)
2) Intelligent conversation
3) An extremely keen sense of humour
4) Down to earth(iness ?)
5) Soft hair
6) A damn good fashion sense
7) A wide unfettered smile

7 celebrity crushes

1) Angelina Jolie
2) Catherine Zita Jones
3) Ayesha Takia
4) Jennifer Aniston
5) Mariah Carey
6) Alanis Morissette
7) Aishwarya Rai

7 people I wish to tag
seven ?

1) Sameera
2) Poornima
3) Deepak
that's enough!


  1. U have written it as if I did some sacrilege by tagging u! :))

  2. dont u guys have any imagination....thats the tenth person i am seeing who has the same damn coop crap shit in his blog

  3. 3rd point in the 3rd section
    ( 7 things i say the most) ->
    that was the best
    u really do that a lot and do it really well

  4. Suddu : Yes.
    Preet : It's a free free world. Read what you like. Don't read what you don't like.
    Arnav : :))

  5. Then u shouldn't have written the bloody post... ur cribbing is better than ur dry posts....

  6. worst of arvind iyer...definitely


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