Kill K3

Here's the question that has really wracked my brain. If you were given an option to kill one and only one of these three individuals, which one would you pick ?

1. Kumar Sanu
2. Shahrukh Khan
3. Karan Johar

Any strong reasons supporting the same are welcome.
I love the confusion that overwhelms people when they are presented this googly. I hope the net doesn't ruin that.
Think hard.


  1. johar of course. Coz he looks like gay to me...but he isnt...
    and i hate the way he speaks...
    and i hate the fact that he is stining rich....

    sanu i love his songs...some of em at least...

    shahrukh is the king...and i cant contain the public outcry....

    p.s. - turn off the word's irritating

  2. you wanna give someone credit for the concept?

  3. i would kill the 4th K...i know u can guess who he is......dissapointed to c u left his name out...

  4. who is the fourth k ?
    p.s : word verification is the anti-spam thing. Have to have it.

  5. No use tryin iyer.....

    i m still going to kill ekta kapoor.

  6. kumar sanu with no second thoughts.

    he ruined music for quite some time.


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