What is and Isn't

What is more disturbing than the poor kid on the road who doesn't have access to basic amenities ? A panju aunty passing by the same kid with an empathetic countenance. Whats more phoney than the panju aunty ? An aunty (panju, or any other brand) feeding the helplessly corpulent gou-mata every tuesday. What is more annoying than a generous gou-mata blocking the traffic ? The Dilli waala bellowing his horn at the juncture. What is more maddening than a Dilli Horn ? The root of the traffic jam effecting the din. Whats more annoying than traffic lights ? The poor kid on the road, who doesn't have access to basic amenities, begging for money.

Moral of the story : The poor kid is the root of all problems.

Before you nod and draw some more obscure morals from the above piece, here's another :)

Isn't it better to look away
Than to look and do nothing ?
Isn't it easier to be selfish
Than to pretend that you aren't ?
Isn't it better to get rich
and then be philanthropic
Than to drop that coin
that is pretentiously loud ?
Isn't it simpler to be happy
Than to feel sad for another ?
Isn't it wrong to fake joy
To compensate for another's sorrow ?

Sure there are plenty who perish
And those who achieve little in life
I can sit atop or amidst this junk
and feel blessed and content
Or I can surge to the real summit
And drag a dozen along with me
For if there is rich
There will always be lot of poor
Let us not pull down the pyramid
Leaving everyone with a smile
And a single loaf of bread
Let us thrust the structure upwards
So that the rich will still remain rich
But the poor is no longer poor


  1. the gr8 blogger found my link? waise it wont take a genius to make those guesses, mera tere jaissa fan following thode na hai ;), waise bhi kaam ke beech mein pehle to asaan tha but now its getting more and more difficult to find time.
    Ur account of simple things in life, is made quite intersting by the sahi amount of masala and humour, i've bookmarked ur page, will keep looking.
    BTW wassup in life? abhi to trng chal rahi hogi na? u can mail me at arnav_prakash@lntenc.com (its LNTENC not INTENC), tera id kya hai? cant access y! from office iss liye all addresses gone

  2. Hmmm...nice thought! Gave me something to think about..Isnt there more meaninglessness in life then than meaning?

  3. laga nahin ki yeh aiyyar hai ..
    "great work lekin is it the same aiyaar archi i know or some one else ...."

  4. This is way different from your normal blogs! And i dont recall you voicing similar opinions before.


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