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The tents are surreptitiously making their way onto the wide Dilli roads. It is heartening to realize that unlike the city of joy, this city isn't going to come to a halt in the ensuing week. It's just the traffic thats going to be nudged to the pavements.

The disgust caused by the existing jhuggis and the ones growing under the bridges, near the flyovers and along the roads is quite similar to the mental bubble that bursts everytime a tent embellished with red-glittery sprouts on my route. They look so pretentious, so full of politics and crap. My glasses are the exact opposite of rosy-eyed. They are bloody. I see corruption in the sweaty pujari, bogus faith in the devotees and feel impartial malevolence for anyone involved in the drama.

There's no stopping them. No place to scream my head off. No thaana where I can complain about the disturbance, or the excessive noise that'll soon engulf every residential area.

It is tough to explain to an atheist the beauty of the gods and how sacrosanct the whole festival is. It is inconceivable for a devotee to acknowledge the ruckus he is creating, or invigorating. For me, the DP feeling is so alien that Kali ma could have worn a green spacesuit for this spectacular festival.

Happy Durga Puja everyone.


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  2. It gets annoying sometimes ... slow traffic and the loudspeakers ... but the price is worth what people get during those four days of the year

    If you could ignore the priests and the self-assumed authorities and could have a careful look on the children and the festive people, may be you would hold your patience a bit more next time


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