The decision to subscribe to ET was a cold-calculated decision. Delhi Times had not printed the legs of Mallika Sherawat for quite a while and my brain longed for some pointless matter. Of course, there was this whole mumbo-jumbo about Economic Terms making sense to people after a fortnight of regular ET perusal. It's been a fortnight. I think the paper is cool (if that word is still legal & functional), despite the caramel semblance. Supplements add weight just enough to justify the two rupee tag. It consists of a front page, displaying more colour than its kins. The centerpage, similar in format to TOI, has opinions of heavyweights on serious topics. Somehow, I get a feeling that the news is recycled....

Sure, the stocks are up. But everyone knows that 'what goes up must come down'. T.V's are cheaper. Gold is dearer. I recall televisions being cheaper a few years ago. And I remember Sharma aunty cribbing about the price of gold at that time too. So what has changed baby ?

The best job that the ET organization currently offers is that of the 'cool-photo-guy' (I believe that is the offical title). Here is a man whose job is to procure irrelevant pictures for each article to divert the reader's attention from the cornucopia of figures and numbers. He probably functions from a plush office with lots of google windows streaming rays of polychromatic hoochamoocha. I assume that the firm has given him quite lucid instructions - translate the title directly,nahi to masti maaro . Even Poornima puts in more effort than the mammoth publication.For instance, a waitress with a fruit bowl gazes towards something as Data Corp plans to set up shop in India; Or a woman displays her jeans clad butt for us (the snapshot reads 'Back to Front'). Politics is thankfully free from this, which is why a disconcerted Advani is inserted in the article, instead of a female's belly, for an article on Madhya Pradesh.

Not a penny of mine has found its way into the stock market. Consequently, as the mid-caps and the large-caps fight amongst themselves, I feel a certain indifference for the small investors. The FII's draw more admiration, pulling out and pushing in money as they please, unlike the former who receive just sympathy. Who are these people ? Are they actually smaller in size ? As I glance at the other incomprehensible analysis, my conscience laughs at me ...Ha ! you ignorant fool. But my confidence lies unperturbed. An MBA will definitely solve all my problems. If not, I can always fake it....

I mean, the weather is quite bullish, isn't it ?


  1. abe i know it's iyer ...but it more sounds like aiyyar ...;-) ... btw i have to read the post again ..

  2. one of its ur writing Man....keep it up

  3. Ur writing "your own stuff" and that is how it feels the best... jab sento topic pe utarte ho to......

  4. thanks PHIRPORGOFFF (whats the spelling ?)
    Himanshu (n.r.monk): ever heard that story about the father, son and a donkey...where they couldn't decide whether to ride the donkey together,take turns or pull it along ?
    kuch bhi gaali padegi ..
    LIFE :)


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