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Denunciation of Advertisments is one of my favourite pastimes. Some of them are truly spectacular. But the rest...well..

It is very probable that this para will take an ugly turn and no longer convey the opinion(s) it was supposed to. So here's my primary feeling - I HATE SHAHRUKH KHAN. phew ! Lets continue.
There is an awkward feel to this ad. It seems to say, 'We, the owners of Pepsi, can put up any kind of sh*t and people will still call it cool and buy more of our stuff.' I have always been a loyal Pepsi guy. It probably has something to do with the red colour of Coco-cola, or the fact that at the age of 13 it was really important to have strong opinions. The ones that didn't matter didn't change and hence eight years later I still frown at Coca-Cola fans.
There is something quire irritating about the smug female in the snug pepsi shirt ; or the primitive frame-animation technique used in the ad ; or the great Shahrukh Khan himself. It has provoked quite a few heated discussions at home But surely an ad which stirs such emotions will have a high recall value ? Ha. I am sorry Pepsi. 'ye pyaas hai badi'. But 'ye dil maange more' than just SRK.

I love this kid. Her name is Shriya Sharma. When the Asian Paints Ad was shot in 2004, she was just 6 years old. Oh boy what spunk! The ad shows her as a sanguine elder sister goading her brother to cut books, drawings and clothes to personalize the walls of their house. A vent for their imagination - kyonki har rang kuch kehta hai. The theme, the catchline and the ad are all tied up to form a colourful 30-second package. Her language is adorable - 'bindass kaat' ; 'main hoon na. bas kaat'.

: I am sure those of you who spared even an hour over these few weeks for the idiot box would have seen this one. The jingles goes like this :

Naya Maggi, Aaya re aaya
isme protein, HO isme calcium !

A preposterous claim by Nestle that Maggi (which apparently has suddenly turned 'healthy') will provide upto 20% of nurtition for the child. These guys just love statistics. Since majority of the aunty-public can just crunch maggi and not these numbers, they are the supreme tools of swaying opinions.
The ad also features the 'cute-surdi' who seems to be a current favourite among ad-makers. Upto 33% of those who claim to be in-charge of 75% of the creative opinons have tried to incorporate the caricature. There is the Green-Ply ad, which features a tamil-speaking baby surdi. Maruti alsodisplays a jovial baby-surdi who jiggles and expresanses amazing amount of enthusiasm for a car which he won't drive for atleast another decade (Unless they live in Tilak Nigar, in which case the boy will drive on the streets after conquering the 5ft height barrier).
I appeal to all the aunties(and their children who are more likely to read this). Maggi won't contribute to any nutrition you want your children to relish. They in fact will turn out out fatter and a lot of more stupid if they dig into Maggi every day. On the flip side, they'll be much happier, like the yellow kids in the advertisment... tough choice.

Others :

Good ones : Hutch Delhi Half Marathon; Hutch chota recharge; Garnier Shampoo
Bad ones : Tata Indicom (Kajol and Ajay D) ; Hawkins ; Pizza Hut - Freshizza


  1. Hey Arvind, I was generally going through blogs of friends and friends of friends and stumbled upon yours. I really 'appreciated' your post on ads. And thats something I thought I would surely not do after reading the first few lines, because SRK is one of those people I absolutely look up to:)

    Petty differences aside, great to see your blog and will be a regular visitor from now. God Bless.

  2. Ah- for once we agree. I love Pepsi and shudder at the ad concoted with SRK in it. Thankfully I'll be spared of it for a few months, thanks to no 'Indi' channels on my telly in the US of A! I hope Pepsi comes up with a decent one by the time I am back!

    Ps: No wonder Coke is the no.1 brand in the world.

    Pps: I still like Pepsi better. *sigh*

  3. Hi there,
    One point: Suddenly, you have become a slightly difficult read ref Bubbly Times. I enjoyed your stuff because it usually was easy read. But this one had sentences too cumbersome for comfort. Keep going.

  4. havent been watching much TV lately, no TV at home yet, so cant comment much.
    one ad has caught my attention thou and ithink it deserved a mention in ur post:
    The Great Sharukh once again, this time staring in the LUX ad, talking abt catching attention, wat better than this? lakin saale ne iss baar to had hi kar di...

  5. "Humble attempts at blogging. You may like it. You may dislike it."
    Well I choose the former option. Rather I should say I have no option to choose coz my opinion about ads is a replica of urs.
    In the Ad-World they say, "the wilder you go, the better will be your ads". But again as a rule with the only exception of today's advertisements, all presentations are governed by ethics and aesthetics.


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