Bookish Love

As a last attempt of resusitating my ailing CAT preparation, I boldly went and bought a book specializing in QA (Quantitative Ability). As you may have guessed, crunching numbers was my forte a few years back. But now I struggle with quanta and relish whining about it. It is authored by R.S Aggarwal, a name JEE victors are acquainted with.

Mind you, days without the rigour of a 9 to 6 office routine have their peculiar liabilities, once we accept and eliminate the obvious advantages. Kharagpur's pictureque campus have become unbearably rosy in my visions. And this re-painting happens primarily during my preparation. A few days back, I decided that a new spark was needed and did the good deed yesterday...

I cradled the book quite a few times these two days, doing what I've expalined above. Buying this book was no easy decision. When I offered a few minutes to this topic, it occured to me that it wasn't any different from embracing a girfriend in my life. Flummoxed ? Well thats one of the many emotional aspects of this relationship ...

Love : Ours definitely wasn't a love marriage, or a match made in heaven. I mean, I hadn't felt the need for this book till a few weeks back. Of course, it has its own charm, with the boldness of its letters and the freshness of its pages. But will this last forever ? I know I need it, but is this a permanent feeling ? Will a new, hotter publication with silky smooth pages and wilder colours take her place a few weeks later ?

Commitment : This book did exist on earth all this while, endowed with linear beauty by nature and S.Chand Publishers, enjoying the stationary-scented atmosphere of Delta Stationers. Now, I am obligated to devote to it a few minutes, an hour and many of the same if possible. Frankly, my other material(s) have been with me for a much longer time. Is it justified to rob them of my attention for this book ? Is it so special...Come on ! Its just another book!

Space : Haven't we heard this phrase "I need more space." often? Well, the shelf definitely can handle another burden of rearrangement, but how will my heart react to this change ? The xeroxed and marred pages of IMS tutorials have made pleasant and deep impressions in my grey cells. How can I accept the same formulae, of buyers and sellers, of men and their infinite supply of work and hours, of inaccurate clocks and tardy trains, of milk and wine in a new bottle ? Won't this shake my existent rickety foundation of fundaa ? Have I just made a big mistake ?

I fear I will undergo such feelings of guilt and confusion as the relationship deepens. I hope its presence in my life changes things. Its time now to devote an hour to my love...


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