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India @ 2005

I enjoy wallowing in this pseudo feeling of anti-patriotism.
I refuse to humour pretentious expressions of India.
India is not defined for me by the flag and the anthem.
The truth is I don't have a definition for 'my India'.
I am not ready for it. yet.

The songs we sang in school extolling have had zilch effect on the P word's definition.

'ganga jamuna saraswati milte hain...somewhere'
'himalaya on right, kashmir on top and some stuff down there'
'keep going, lead the nation, you youth of india etc etc'

Big deal.
And don't even start on the culture crap. If Bharatnatyam and Yoga were the key to success, we have been attacking the wrong locks!

They say (and I do believe the statistics this time) that India is going to be a youth-majority nation for the next few decades. Our ideas and enthusiasm are going to push India into the league of developed nations...hmmm...

I have these little aspirations, which presently I don't mind spilling out here. No harm done. No ideas to steal.
I want to open up a restaurant, explore the ghaplaas that take place in running it.
I want a career that satisfies my subdued need for adulation.
I want to open institutions which impart knowledge - of furniture design, of thinking rationally, of construction...

It is no surprise (to me) that "India" and its upliftment doesn't explicitly appear as an agenda up there. In fact, through these few months in Delhi, I constantly frown at India-ness. The illegally occupied lands, the traffic, pan-spitting people, garbage,fraud in business, bribes....Pity ? No way. Just shoot down those ba*tards !

For many ulterior motives, I force myself to read articles beyond my immediate interests. These encompass views of entrepreneurs, visionaries and those who wish to and are changing the face of India. I love the way they are painting future India. The way SAHARA and RELIANCE are foryaing into completely new territories. The way RETAIL is going to expand and lift up the standard of distribution and products. And my dear Construction field is supposedly going to be refurbished too (hah !).

For me, patriotism is not limited to, or rather defined by inch long flags and tri-coloured clothing. I want to change things. I want improvement. I am ready to do something.

But what ?
Can I be a part of it ?
A part of what ?
How ?

Happy Independence Day.


  1. It is indeed sad if u think patriotism wasn't a part of the school 'lessons'. I myself was never a big fan of those crappy songs and their half baked lyrics, but still i don't think its aim was to make u say "Bharat mata ki jai" or stuff like tht. It was more for letting u make the 'right' decisions while dealing with the ghaplaas in ur restaurant. Or create employment in ur furniture design job. Although these are selfish motives, you would find much more purpose if u rely on patriotism. "patriotism is the last resort of the cowards".

    I am sure i would've had u thoroughly confused by now :)).

  2. dissapointing.
    kyu ki i dont feel u speaking this... aapne hi likha hai kyaa... woh iyer ki atma ki awaaz nahi jhalak rahi yaar..

  3. This is a very good post. I couldn't agree with you more... I admire your vision...
    Patriotism is an irrelevant concept in a culture of vice and corruption and degradation.

  4. btw, I'm Indian too. Originally from Mumbai.

  5. Ergo sum, I never questioned your nationality :)
    I am glad you agree with me.


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