Despo II

You won't believe who else they roped in for Desperate Housewives promotion- Karan Johar!
Well, he's reinvented himself with an OLD UNCLE look (His hair is a homogenous mixture of white and black...and the gay feel is starkly noticeable)I know I sound 60, but fashion has really hit its low-point. Is looking OLD and CRINKLY fashionable now ? You know..I really don't understand today's people...with the generation gap and all.
Three conclusions I've drawn within the last minute :
If you are naive' and read both these posts, you'll think I am obsessed with Karan Johar, Desp. Housewives or both. Well, thats not the case.
If you are like me, then you will feel a built-up urge to kill the subject (not me, Karan Johar!). I am proud of you.
If you are a news-reporter, you can go and blab about how thousands of bloggers are reshaping the world with their views. I can assure you at least 6 people read this and 12 pretend to do so. Thats quite a huge fan following.

Life's dull and revolving sluggishly around 2 planets - my office-life and my home-life. I can't wait to get back to Kharagpur. After that I can complain about my life at kgp and hence crib ad infinitum....sigh..



  1. abe yaar long time no blog...kya hai yeh???

  2. matlab ek blog woh bhi aisa... nahi... yaar kuch to masto type likho!!
    training is killing arvind and giving birth to Mr. Iyer ..... nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. I fall in the 6! Thankfully!!!


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