Desperate Housewives

It has such a conspicuous title that 'Friday 10p.m' got stuck in my head. The journey from a cynical "what crap" opinion to a "I am looking forward to the Friday 10p.m show" was quite pleasant. There were a few bumps on the road. First and foremost was the active print-media propaganda (courtesy: Delhi Times). This TOI's supplement suffers from a chronic sex disorder. Here are the headlines splashed over the past week:

"MMS RIYALITY - Riya Sen on the MMS featuring .." - July 20th '05
"Is it okay to have a one night stand with a friend?" - July 19th, '05
"Sex up your Style" - July 11th, '05
"Would you like to Seduce me ?" - July 10th, '05

I am sure even the liberal parents of teens of the 21st century are having a nightmare, deciding how and what exposure to control. Squeezed between the clevage of Pamela Anderson's third marriage pictures and the legs of Mallika Sherawat is the current blog's subject. And ho ho! Far from the K Klan of "Kasauti Zindagi Kay" and "Kab aaegi Meri Zindagi Mein Bahaar", this title emits that formidable stench of sex, turning people away and towards it.

Then Star World decide to attack the issue from another angle. They brought the quintissential suave lady Simi Garewal to convince the ladies of India. With an accent that no being on the planet relates to, she reiterates in a five minute long commercial about how the women of India will (and should ?) relate to at least one of the protagonists. Ya. Thats what the overworked husbands require - An Indian wife who identifies with four desperate lives of four american females.

The 30 second commercials as usual highlighted the "SAX" in the show:
"He wants to grab my ass."
"slurp...." (Female licks young male's index finger)
"uhhhh..." (Female's towel drops and she runs down the street naked)
And then the reverberating voice of the narrator asks- "Are you a Desperate Housewife ?"

Despite all the above stated points, I did watch the first show. Here's what I thought:

Four housewives - Susan, Gabrielle, Bree and Lynette are the lead actresses. Their dead friend Mary Alice (also a part of the D.H gang) acts as the narrator of the show. Most of us (MALES) can be content just looking at Gabrielle (as happened with Pamela Anderson and Baywatch).
Thankfully, the show goes beyond the sex aspect. There is the "comical dating" content, similar to a zillion other Amercian shows. There is the "being a mother is a pain" stuff, which a broad category of females will enjoy. And the usual "control freak" humour, which is compulsory for any show to succeed.
(F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Monica Geller; SCRUBS - Elliot Reed ;TWO-1/2-MEN - Alan). Editing is slick. There is an annoying parallel storyline solving the mystery of Mary Alice's death. I hope they get over with it soon....

Have I muddled up my line of thought ? Here's the gist of it -
I liked both episodes I've seen so far, but the marketing is awfully annoying. Celebrities and their petty opinions were never squatting on my head, so it is OK...
I wonder if watching "Desperate Housewives" will gel with the existing personalities of the Aunties. Will they be proud/shy/happy to admit they watch the show. I can't wait till ZEE TV apes this concept too and comes up with "AUNTION KI DAASTAN"
Till then, watch the show...but hey! don't let your husbands/boyfriend know...


  1. another series...tsk tsk...
    i spent all summer watching CNBC (sic) thanx to my mba brothers whose heartbeats followed the rhythm of the sensex....
    and guess what i saw ....
    STING operations...
    suddenly the pre cable tv days seem much more beautiful...

  2. I had got hooked to the serial till I got fed up with their dating games...and none of them can be called housewives except Mary Alice who ended up dead.. A serial to which I can relate my feminine thoughts better is "Sex and The City"..


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