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Four things that I learnt today :

1)My mother thinks John Abraham is good looking.
2)Dhoom isn't as bad a movie as I thought it would be.
3)Uday Chopra was worse than I thought he would be.
4)Monday Blues is an entity. I can't stop it. I can't escape it. It enters my soul at around 10a.m on Sunday morning, and doesn't let go till I have my cup of tea at the office and finally realize that Monday is back.

In case I didn't tell you what my office is like - here's the stuff :

My archi training lasts till mid-october ( it started on 11th may). Office is fine. Pakka dilli-type. I'll list out the names (in order of seniority) - Rakesh Vats (boss); Sardar (i don't know his name yet) ; Goyal (i don't know the first name) ; Naveen Sharma ; Amardeep Tyagi ; Me ; Surinder (chai -paani mundu) and my favourite - Verma ji (who is a 60+ guy handling estimation and talks a million words a minute when given a chance).

It's a 25min drive from my home. A consummate dilli-traffice experience - rickshaw, car, DTC, pedestrians etc. The work as such is uninspiring. It is exactly the same stuff Swapnil and I finished a month back with a super-compressed schedule. But thanks to my positive attitude and an unpolitical simpleton brain, I have found some little things in the 9:30 to 6:30 schedule that keep me interested - like the 2 cups of tea at 11:30am and 4pm ; the one hour break at 1:30 where I manage to take a nap on the chair (next to Verma ji).

I hope I learn some tact and some maneuvering fundaas from the office environment. Day 5, verma ji offered me his squishy sabzi for the 3rd consecutive day. Since I'd been bearing my own pseudo-negations in the past few lunches, I said this to his face (in front of 4 other people) in the most polite manner possible - "mein doosron ka khaana nahi khaata. bachpan se school mein log mera idli khaa jaate the, aur mein unka khaana choota nahi tha." Needless to say, there were some shocked responses and smiles. One of them gave a diplomatic "bada straightforward aadmi hai" comment.

sigh...Monday's back..


  1. word of advice...i've just learnt at quite a late stage...don't talk about people from work and work in a blog...apparently people have been getting fired over doing it...espcially ur boss!!!...and yeah..ur supposed to post the tag on ur blog...

  2. Ha Ha! The polite reply is a killer....:-)


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